Tips and tricks for motivational talks that can help you sell products

Successful innovators and industry executives must market their ideas to others. Yet too much we slip into unproductive actions that stops our message from getting through. There are a few tricks on how to be heard more easily, whether you’re talking to a wide crowd or just one customer or employee.

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Here are few tips and tricks for motivational talks that can help you sell products.

To be heard, here first. When speaking, you should still be mindful that someone was more interested in being heard than in hearing the opinions of others. How will you be heard in this environment? Listen to me. Appreciate their point of view, even though you don’t agree with that. People can know when you’re not open to what they’re doing, so they’re not able to hear you. Recognize conflicts in view and respect the viewpoints of others.

Build an emotional connection here. You want to communicate emotionally with the viewer as you start a speech. Why will the listener be involved in what I’m going to say? What’s wrong with them? What’s the value of listening? Buy-in is seldom achieved at an intellectual basis. People are more likely to listen if they can react to you and your message at the level of feeling. Is there an issue with what you offer—your product, service or idea? Could you talk about the suffering they’ve got?

Know the style of the audience. Audiences normally like my way of speech, people in other countries are often turned off. For eg, if I use my high-energy style in England, I will be seen as over-enthusiast and not taken seriously. I think that there is a more professorial approach. Likewise, when I talk to scientists, I use a different approach than when I talk to advertising companies. To be heard, align the personality with that of the crowd.

Build your reputation. Have you ever found that experienced speakers are having well-respected executives to present them? The explanation for this is building trust. Until people listen to you, they need to realize if you’re a trustworthy resource. In my speeches, I strategically weave tales about my experience with recognizable corporations in order to strengthen their reputation. Social evidence is a perfect way to define yourself as an expert.

These are few tips and tricks for motivational talks that can help you sell products. Keep visiting to know more.

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