The Best Ways to Find Inspiration

Many of us need to be inspired on occasion. It may perhaps dawn on us that we are drifting aimlessly through our lives and need to be inspired to achieve something meaningful, but where do we start? Or we may want to compose something special; words, music, an important letter, or even the words to a speech or simply a pithy verse for someone’s greeting card.

Inspiration is often a lofty notion. It is often about seeing things differently, opening ourselves up to a new way of looking at things, generating new ideas and outlooks, motivating ourselves or others to achieve something special.

We can be inspired by many things.

– Other people can inspire us. Seeing someone overcome personal challenges can be incredibly inspirational. Someone motivating themselves to overcome physical, personal, environmental challenges can make us consider our own opportunities and determine to make more of them. Success stories are often incredibly motivational. People overcoming incredible hardship, starting again from scratch, losing a lot of weight, achieving some important physical feat can motivate people to get going again in their own endeavours.

– Nature often inspires people. Amazing weather, thunderstorms, waterfalls, the changes of the seasons, scenery, vegetation can all cause us to stop in awe. Visiting different countries, cultures and their natural surroundings and environments, seeing their animals, can all inspire people to paint, write music, even make momentous life changing decisions.

– Some people are inspired by faith, religion, God. Certainly doing good and being inspired by prayer, helping others and having a clear heart and conscience can motivate and energize people to achieve amazing feats of courage and belief.

– Simple everyday things can inspire us too. A phrase that someone uses, or a tune on the radio, someone’s story that they relate over a cup of coffee can cause us to go away and reflect on our own potential and feel inspired.

– Many business people use brain-storming sessions to inspire new ideas. These are ways of getting people to think outside of the box, to say anything that comes into their head, that they think of. By doing this anything can become possible. These sessions can prompt new direction, new ways of thinking, inspiration.

– Writers often despair of finding inspiration for new ideas, articles, pieces. Sometimes getting right away from everything familiar can be a good idea. Removing oneself from one’s office can be a useful way of clearing away old thoughts and patterns. Perhaps even undertaking something completely unrelated to the task in hand. By taking the pressure off it can allow the mind to play with completely new thoughts and ideas.

– Many people find that keeping a writing pad next to the bed is a valuable action to undertake. Often people find that as they are drifting off to sleep good ideas for writing topics come into their mind. Or they awaken in the night or first thing in the morning with fresh, inspired, exciting ideas. Either way having a writing pad to hand is a convenient way of ensuring that those thoughts are noted down and not forgotten.

Inspiration can come from many different sources and directions. Recognising it and being receptive to is the key to making the most of this important creative energy.

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