How To Master Self-Development

Someone recommended yet another self-development book recently. I have read so many of those as I am always interested to find out how people arrive at their particular point of life purpose and success. This is why I prefer Autobiographies and Biographies to novels because I want to find out how a person’s mind works and what their journey was.

This one, called ‘Unstoppable’ by Adrian Gilpin shows the struggle this man faced of having a vision to improve the situation in his workplace but meeting with opposition and lack of funds. Clearly, Adrian was a soul searcher and wanted more from life because he knew that he was capable of great achievements. His journey, like most journeys to the top, was littered with obstacles.

Curiously, he enrolled on Anthony Robbins’ Life Coaching Course, albeit with serious doubts. He assumed Anthony Robbins to be just another of those gurus that promise you the earth but was not believable. However, he found that this course, teaches you to overcome your previously held beliefs and fears. Beliefs that were instilled by the family or people who surrounded you in childhood and youth and believe me, these beliefs can be very powerful.

Not challenged, these beliefs can determine your entire life and the sad thing is, often hold back a brilliant mind that could otherwise achieve phenomenal success as has been proved by the giants in every industry and throughout history who have questioned the beliefs that were instilled in them from childhood, overcame their fears, and became thinkers, philosophers and industrialists.

The most obvious of the beliefs instilled by parents and teachers alike is the mantra ‘You can’t do that’, or, ‘We can’t afford that’, and of course many more like this. This is due to the fact that these parents didn’t know any better.

The way all Life Coaching Courses start is by examining these beliefs and which of them hold true. (Very few ever do.) They urge the client to examine his/her beliefs and seek out his desires. He is then given exercises to try and change the beliefs that have held him/her back for so long.

This is often the time when a few light bulbs go on in the client’s mind. Often, just the realisation of having held a belief that was not accurate at all can make all the difference. It also opens up the channels of ability and often creativity.

If you feel you are being held back by unreasonable beliefs and fears, try a session with a Life Coach. They often can unlock the doors to a life of success and fulfillment.

After years of raising the children, women often need an incentive to update their wardrobe but also to find a new purpose and re-gain confidence to get out into society again and follow the dreams that have had to take second place for a few years. The first step is to start with appearance which can do wonders for confidence. Self-development can also help to make the second half of life a fulfilled and happy experience.

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