How Do I Motivate Myself?

Everyone needs motivation, and at times, may ask, “how do I motivate myself.” Start by getting off your ass! Instead of wondering “how do I motivate myself”, gather Motivation of Self Techniques and do something — anything besides procrastinating and waiting for something good to happen without your own effort!

Sorry, I scolded you. I guess you have already gotten off your butt and are looking for techniques to motivate yourself by reading this article, right? Smile, I just wanted to give you a jolt  and some tough love.

Yea, I used to sit on my ass too. I’d pray, cry and yearn for a better life and wait for it to happen. Not only did I not do the work it takes to gain success in life, I didn’t know where to start, what work needed to be done or how to do it. I was broke, stagnated, confused and disheartened. Still, I was certain of only one thing; I had to get off my butt and figure out “how do I motivate myself in order to improve upon my life”.

As you may be asking yourself that same question, LOL and got yelled at, begin by giving yourself a specific goal. Having the ambition to achieve an objective is one of the greatest motivators of all time. You must decide what you want to do with your life, and it must have value and purpose.

But let’s be realistic, you may come cross obstacles and deflating moments which can impeded upon you’re your sense of motivation. In those instances, you may find your answer of, “how do I motivate myself” by utilizing this method below:

5 keys to Motivation of Self

1. Act as if...

Every so often, you may not feel so inspired to work on your goals. Why?… Because motivation does not come automatically. We all know how easy it can be to discontinue or not even begin a task because we “just don’t feel like doing it”. On the other hand, to be or not to be motivated should not matter to you once you absolutely decide to reach your objectives no matter what you’re feeling. Like the popular phrase, motivation of self is to “JUST DO IT” regardless of the lazy emotions that may creep in on you at times.” So occasionally, when you don’t feel so inspired, begin by practicing self-persuasion. Mentally force yourself to gather motivation-of-self states of mind by acting as if you are motivated and have already achieved your goal(s).

2. Remember to enjoy the journey towards your goal!

Indeed, you may experience much frustration in the process of reaching your target. Still, you can draw upon another key to the motivation of self by remembering to enjoy the ride (especially when you become aware that you are not enjoying it). By acting as if you feel pleasure in the creative process, you can actually achieve joy and even laugh at some of your most troubling moments. The frustration will dissipate after a while, and the journey won’t feel so long and dragged out. What is really cool about this process is that you will learn a few other skills along the way — important skills and information which will further enhance you efforts.

3. Appreciate the learning process throughout the trial and error phases!

You may try out different methods in order to meet your aspirations. Although, you may have some difficulty achieving your end (at times), practice being grateful for the trial and error process as it furthers your education and understanding. Have you heard the phrase, “Know better… Do better”? Well, by embracing this concept, the trials and errors will teach you to know better, and you can appreciate what you’ve learned because you now do better.”

4. Always give your finest effort!

Always give your finest effort’ may sound like a cliché, but its real talk. I’d like to share a great lesson about this when I was in the military (Basic Training). The Drill Sergeant told everyone in the platoon to put forth their greatest effort each time we were ordered to perform push-up exercises. His objective was for us to reach muscle failure at the end of 1 week. However, when sporadically ordered to do the push-ups, many of the other soldiers played around, cheated and slacked up their efforts when the Drill Sergeant was not looking. Still, I gave it my all each and every time.

After 1 week the Drill Sergeant called each individual soldier to his office to access their level of strength. One soldier after another exited the office, bragging about how many push-ups they did in front of the Drill Sergeant. I could not do even one.

After the Drill Sergeant completed his assessment of everyone, I thought he was going to humiliate me when he called me to the center of the room. “Do yall know Private Gil is the only soldier who has reached muscle failure in this entire platoon,” Drill Sergeant barked loudly. “There is only one way to reach muscle failure and that is by giving your greatest ever until you have nothing left to give,” he added. “This tells me that the rest of you sissies are cowards, slackers, afraid to push pass your comfort zones,” he continued; “now get down and give me push-ups for the rest of the night,” he shouted to the rest of the platoon.

I was not ordered to do anymore push-ups that night, but I would continue to give my finest effort while I remained in Basic Training.

At the end of training the Drill Sergeant conducted a final strength assessment, this time for all to witness. There is no questioning the end results of giving one’s finest effort. In the end, I could do more push-ups than every other soldier in the platoon. I carry this lesson for life. Metaphorically, I hope you will too!

5. Find true value and purpose in your endeavors!

Damn it! Let’s keep it real; there are no magic pills for enthusiasm… If there were, I would have overdosed on them and you probably would have too. LOL.

After all, attempting to accomplish one’s goals can be a hell of a task, right? Sometimes we can literally cry, scream, and have difficulty just getting out of the bed due to extreme discouragement and exhaustion. Many times, we can also laugh and feel tremendous joy as we become aware that we are on to something bigger than ourselves — something of true value and purpose. One of the most inspiring ways to become moved about a task is to find true worth and principle in the undertaking. Wouldn’t you agree that any endeavor backed by such qualities adds a remarkable amount of passion to the cause?

So, to sum up this lesson on Motivation – How to Motivate Myself, remember those 5 Keys to the Motivation of Self:

  1. Be determined to complete your goals as you consciously sought after the motivation to accomplish the task. When you are not so enthused, act as if you are motivated.
  2. Remember to enjoy the journey, especially during the moments you despise the tasks at hand.
  3. Learn a thing or two along the way and appreciate that education.
  4. Give it your best damn effort at all times.
  5. And all the while, keep your life’s calling in the forefront while being sure your goals provide value and purpose.

When I look back on my previous destructive existence, I am elated about how I learned to leave that dreadful life behind. Many of the concepts I was taught resulted in my drastic/positive change of behavior. The lessons radically improved my mentality, and I became keenly aware of my thought patterns and thinking strategies for success. The trainings aided in increasing my financial status, subconscious awareness and self-confidence ten-fold. And, to learn about the power of language and visualization would “blow my mind and take me to a whole other level”.

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