Argon Geochronology Methods

Argon Geochronology Methods

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Because it is present within the atmosphere, every rock and mineral will have some quantity of Argon. Argon can mobilized into or out of a rock or mineral through alteration and thermal processes. Like Potassium, Argon cannot be significantly fractionated in nature. However, 40Ar is the decay product of 40K and therefore will increase in quantity over time. The quantity of 40Ar produced in a rock or mineral over time can be determined by substracting the amount known to be contained in the atmosphere.

This ratio is The decay scheme is electron capture and positron decay. The material in question is a closed system. In the case of a volcanic mineral, this means rapid cooling. Likewise, potassium has not been gained or lost. The decay constants of 40K are accurately known. Argon loss and excess argon are two common problems that may cause erroneous ages to be determined.

Excess argon may be derived from the mantle, as bubbles trapped in a melt, in the case of a magma. Both techniques rely on the measurement of a daughter isotope 40Ar and a parent isotope.

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